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“Writer-director Heidi Saman’s portrayal of frustration and anxiety within the American immigrant community is heartfelt yet elegantly understated in Namour,” said Array executive director Tilane Jones today. “We’re excited to introduce Saman’s stirring debut feature film to an international film audience.”

Fresh off its L.A. Muse Award and world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year, coming-of-age dramedy Namour has been picked up by Ava DuVernay’s film collective Array.

BY DOMINIC Patten | January 11, 2017

Namour wins the LA MUSE Jury Award!

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“I was drawn to the idea of the economic collapse,” Saman says. “My parents moved here in the ’70s from Cairo, and they worked hard and moved up. For my generation, it just doesn’t feel the same, and I want to get into how that makes a character redefine his moral universe.”

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"While seeking funding for her film, she faced some unexpected hurdles surrounding the ethnicity of her lead character, an Arab-American 20-something. Unfazed, she decided to produce the film herself through a Kickstarter that was funded by 326 backers."

BY Corinne Warnshuis | 2015

LA MUSE interview with Director Heidi Saman

Film Independent pays a visit to the Ali Mama cafe in Silverlake to talk with writer & director Heidi Saman about her new film NAMOUR. 'Namour' premieres as part of the LA Muse section at the 2016 LA Film Festival.

Namour was made possible by all of the support from our Kick Starter supporters.

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"Namour is a striking portrait of ennui and alienation that resonates."

Salon talks to the artistic director of what's being called "One of the best-run black film fests in the country"


"Heidi Saman’s top L.A. Muse award-winner “Namour” quietly captures a contemporary Southland ennui that transcends gender and ethnicity."

LA Film Festival 2016: LAFF discovers talent in places where the Oscars apparently don’t look


By Bob Strauss, JUNE 10, 2016

Five questions with Namour director Heidi Saman

"...Saman answers questions about the challenges of financing a film featuring Arab-Americans, her experience crowdfunding, and how Taxi Driver and other films inspired Namour."